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The project has expanded its focus to apply a social currency in the community and help it enjoy all qualities in a sustainable way and acquire an environmental accordance, besides the improvement of the local economy, assisting the economic development and the community growth increasingly self-sufficient. However, to achieve the macro-objective, it is necessary to work on the most emergencial questions in order to mature the idea of the social currency and apply it efficiently in the community. Thereby, focusing the local problems diagnosed before, the Project Pureco was divided in different aspects of work to act in different areas as a whole.
Among all the necessities of the community, in general, financial problems is the most highlighted, once the high rate of unemployment in the community, especially between 40 years old women. Even with the change of the project focus, the line of cleaning products PurEco (which constituted the original idea of the project), became to be one scope of the project because it still configures an appropriate manner to promote the economic development. Also, it helps the protection against disease vector due to its citronella aroma, that was an smell chosen especially to mellow the high rate of dengue fever in the community.
Furthermore, with the partnership of NGO M.A.E. Maria Rosa and local leaders, we started working together with the vegetable garden Associação Comunidade Sustentável, on of the working areas. Moreover, the University of Campinas Professors are helping us to promote actions in order to increase its production, reduce the waste and propose strategies for the selling, besides the community awareness of a healthy dietary importance.
Still conected with unemployment issues, it is found that there are a significant number of womens working as cleaning laddys with difficulty of finding jobs. Dispite this, at the college surroudings it is oberserved a high demand of cleaning services. This way, to change this situation, had it the idea to implement a mobile app to conect users and cleaning services providers at the local, where may also be used the PurEco’s products.
In addition, in partnership with NGO M.A.E ( Spirit Assistencial Movement) Maria Rosa and local leaders, it has also been started works with the “Associação Comunidade Saudavel” that implements differents activities in the neighbourhood in order to improve the quality of life on the following areas: heath, education, culture and sustainable development, favouring local productive arrangements like communal garden that has became to be one of the project aspect.