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The community that will be impacted by the project is included in the Environmental Protection Area – APA Chapada do Araripe, located in the states of Ceará, Pernambuco and Piauí. This region is home to a national forest (1946), an environmental protection area (1997) and one geopark (2006). Residents of the Community Chico Gomes, located in Crato-CE municipality also cultivate customs and traditions, religious festivals and traditional dances. The area that the community is located has 7 sources of natural waters, and rich in biodiversity and culture.
Good ecotourism practices aim to bring to the attention of local people and tourists the importance of conservation of natural water springs found in the region, both for the population as to perpetuate an endemic bird of the region, Soldier Araripe.
The soldier of Araripe is one of the most endangered species in Ceará. The area where surviving is increasing pressure from urban and agricultural expansion and fires in the woods, so frequent in the dry season. This territorial species feeds mainly on fruit. The main feature of the natural history of the soldier of Araripe is their reliance on tropical forest with streams to survive. This type of environment is rare and naturally isolated in the savanna biome.