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60 anos em 6

In Brazil,14 million children, out of 22 million, do not have access to any educational activity or institutional support. The lack of public daycares has deep consequences on the lives of people that cannot pay for a private one; as an example, 20% of Brazilian mothers can’t seek for a job because they have to take care of their children. Most of these infants are assisted by caretakers working in their own houses, small and unhealthy environments, charging between US$50 and US$70 and often looking after an abusive number of children, without proper methods. Through renowned studies, we discovered that this situation compromises children’s brain potential for the rest of their lives. During the first 6 years of their lives, where 91% of human brain is developed, these kids doesn’t have access to fundamental activities for their emotional, motor, cognitive and linguistic development.
The Project is a social business that aims to ensure full development during early childhood in Brazilian communities, through three main steps: 1) the construction of spaces adapted for the needs of children in their early childhood; 2) the empowerment of caretakers, through the instruction of how to take care of child in this period using the proper methodologies supplied by partners; and 3) the improvement of the environment where the children live, collaborating for the assurance of their rights.
The space (Center of Child Development) was already constructed by our community-based partner organization in Jardim São João , will be adapted and decorated with Montessori-based itens and properly divided into spaces for the best possible development of future students. After passing through the trainings, 15 to 18 childminders will work inside this environment, taking care of approximately 100 children. The building will be of property of the Community-based organization that, together with Renovatio, will allow its use to the women under the following conditions (under a specific contract), which form our business model:
To use the space, the childminders must: 1) take care of the children following the proper methodologies, leading to healthy child development; 2) take part in the trainings given by Renovatio and partners; 3) take care of a maximum of 9 children; 4) follow pre stablished rules of good use of the space; and 5) must pay a rent of 5% of their income to Renovatio. This rent will be entirely used in the maintenance of the space; it is this value that guarantees the sustainability of the project, making the model self-sustainable.
Our goal is to, through trainings, change the caretaking methodology of these women. We have a complete schedule of six months of trainings of an array of subjects such as hygiene, first aid, theater, story-telling and other interactive and crucial activities, and aspire to have long term courses continually offered by our partner organizations (“Instituto Zero a Seis”, PUPA and “Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal”), allowing an increased knowledge in this subject not only for the childminders, but for the community as a whole. This will give the mothers a chance to look for a job and boost their income, while their children are in a proper facility and receiving care from qualified professionals. For the ones that doesn’t have income to pay for a caretaker while looking for job, we will provide microcredit loans in form of payments to cover the children’s costs in the project, to be returned in the long term.